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Youlicense is saying Goodbye

Youlicense is saying Goodbye

The song "It IS MY DESTINY" would fit for a Historical Movie.
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mp3 song Titanic
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TITANIC - free download

Dass Kernkraftwerke so sicher sind,
das weiß seit langem schon jedes Kind,
denn auch die TITANIC - das weiß man ja -
war sicher, denn sie war unsinkbar.
Musik: Carola Rost
Text / Gesang: Carola Rost
Produktion: Carola Rost

Description: Everybody knows very well, that nuclear power plants are very safe.
We remember, the TITANIC was also very safe, because this ship was unsinkable.
Rock-pop with a powerful groove.

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Classic Mug with Golden Art Déco Style Fairy - Design by Carola Rost

Classic Mug with Golden Art Déco Style Fairy, designed by Carola Rost

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