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Steampunk Fuel Dispenser Clock

Steampunk Fuel Dispenser Clock

Fuel for Thought. This unique clock is certain to fuel your imagination and pump up your Steampunk collection. Antique fuel dispenser station features detailed pipes and gauges accented with copper and brass, and a clock at the center with exposed mechanics. Quartz movement is hidden behind a secret door in the front. Cold cast bronze. Requires 1 AA battery. 11 1/4 " high.

Nautilus Octopus Diving Bell Chalice

Nautilus Octopus Diving Bell Chalice

"Nautilus". We're betting that Captain Nemo raised a flagon just like this one aboard the Nautilus! Incredibly detailed cold cast bronze chalice depicts a diving bell entwined with the tentacles of an octopus. Copper, brass and polished silvertone accents. 7 " high.

Bronze Dragon Eye Box

Bronze Dragon Eye Box

Dragon Eye. A mystical dragon takes the form of a treasure chest to fiercely guard your precious trinkets. Ferocious teeth and claws and a watchful, realistic green eye provide plenty of protection. Cold cast bronze box features reptilian texture and metallic accents. 6 "L x 4"W x 4 "H.

Steampunk Heart  Sculpture

Steampunk Heart Sculpture Box

Gear Heart. Romance for the mechanically inclined! Neo-Victorian heart designed by artist Myles Pinkney is embellished with Steampunk details and tinted red for romance. Lavishly adorned with gears, sprockets, flywheels and rivets, with a lovely scroll design gracing the sides. Cold cast bronze. 4" diameter. Click on the BUY button to view an Open Box Image.

Steampunk Dragon  Sculpture

Steampunk Dragon Sculpture

Dragonball. Fierce fantasy! A mythical beast in mechanical form is constructed from a confluence of cogs, gears and rivets accented with copper and brass. Ferocious yet regal creature rests its talon on a sphere adorned with a twining vine motif. Crafted of cold cast bronze with incredible detail. 8" high.

Steampunk Stilleto Sculpture

Steampunk Stilleto Sculpture

Steam Pump. Shoe-In! Sky-high stiletto features industrial studs and rivets, and contains an amazingly detailed Steam Age town complete with roof shingles, water wheel, masonry siding and a gatehouse at the top. Crafted of cold cast bronze with copper accents. 10" high.

Gothic Ankh Hand Mirror

Gothic Ankh Hand Mirror

Unravel the secrets of life and death as you gaze into the sacred ankh, powerful Egyptian symbol of eternal life. Impressively detailed hand mirror features a Gothic black rose and carved vine motif on silvertone resin. 8" long.

Count Magistus Money Box

Count Magistus Money Box

Count on the Count! Place your trust in a gentleman whose reputation is beyond reproach - and beyond the grave. Detailed skeleton bust bank is dapper even in death, right down to his purple tie and hatband. Drop coins in the slot on the top of his hat. Rubber stop on bottom. Resin. 6" high.

Stormgrave Celestial Clock

Stormgrave Celestial Clock

Now to Eternity. Astral transverses Egoapogees Professor Stormgrave's inventive clock not only keeps perfect time, but "maps the forces that govern the passing of eternity"! Designed in England. Requires 1 AA battery. Resin; felted base. 9" high (approx.).

Musical Toys for Kids (Page 1)

Musical Toys for Kids (Page 1)

Musical Toys for Kids (Page 2)

Musical Toys for Kids (Page 2)

Musical Toys (Page 3) - Carousels and more

Musical Toys (Page 3) - Carousels and more

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