Anubis Spire Music     

Rock: Alternative, Melodic, Progressive,
Fusion, North-African & Asian Inspired.

Anubis Spire

The Band

Anubis Spire

Traveling by Tunnel: Twenty Years Under the Radar, Vol. 1


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Anubis Spire - The Loneliness
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Divining Rod

I Don't Mind

Here's That Love Song

Saint Joan



Divining Rod

Forever The Sloppy Goodbye

Nantucket Sleighride

Children of a Foreign Faith

Remember Me

I Have Been Waiting

Children Of A Foreign Faith

Tombs On The Hill

Western Wall

All Perception Is Wrong


Walking The Wire


I Have Been Waiting

Down Here

Not Even A Day

Edge Of Time

You're So Beautiful

Lost Discoveries

Song For Omm Sety

Peace For Mercy Brown


Old Lions

Underneath The Roswell Sun

Underneath The Roswell Sun - Lyrics

So Be It

It Has Been A Long Time, Hasn't It...

Ransom (I'll Take My Chances)

Old Lions (part1)

Old Lions (part2)

Anubis Rising

More Weight

Road To Damascus

Into The Four Winds

The Prisoners Song

May This Be Forever

Amida Rising

Gone West

Back to Abydos

Drama, Trauma And Awkward Grace

Love From Nothing At All

Whirling Toward Shambalah

Same Book / New Pages

Delta To Delta


Ice Station Zebra

Something More

Caligula (Was A Walk-In)


Cairo Rose

The Meaning Of The Word

Every Little Thing

Boiler Room Five

The Bullet That Takes Us

The Light

Distant Echoes

Oswalds Ghost

Spooky Action at a Distance

Walls Of Troy

Dont Know How To Roll

Welcome To Maplecroft (Overture)

Heartless White Line

Awake The Vanished

Harryhausen In Love

Be Numb

Between the two Eternities

Between The Two Eternities

Grief Is A House That Disappears

Zep Tepi

As Though We Had Wings


Everything Is Temporary

The Releasing Tree


The Loneliness (At the Center...)

Rules? What Rules?

Burning Alexandria Down Again

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