Fake Arabic Song - Music Video

Music by Carola Rost

This song sounds Arabic because I played the English singing backwards and the music forwards. This song is a Flying Carpet - but I prefer to take a plane of the Harry Potter Airlines which picks me up at home. I'll kiss Frankenstein and my other buddies goodbye. Join me!
We'll start from Germany, go up to Londen and then down to Santorini (Greece), to the Grand Mosques in Saudi Arabia, the Burj al Arab and the sea aquarium in Dubai, cross the Indian Ocean in a short moment, glance at Indonesia's sea life and Australian reefs, cross the Pacific viewing Hawaii from very far, see the fog over Frisco, chase down to Machu Picchu in Peru and then hover over the Iguazu Falls between Brazil and Argentina (Argentina view). From there you'll be taken to your home again - free of charge! :D

Music by Carola Rost
Music by Carola Rost

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Published by
Carosta Records
Hamburg - Germany