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Yamaha Ybh-621S Series Baritone Horn

Yamaha Ybh-621S Series Baritone Horn

Gold brass mouthpipe and valve casings for long-term precision. Monel pistons are resistant to corrosion and maintain precise fit and smooth action for many years. Hand-lapped valves and slides ensure perfect fit for smooth airflow and action. Yamaha baritones and euphoniums are among the most respected instruments in the world. For solid value, engineering excellence, and reliability, Yamaha is second to none. Premium features such as honed valves for zero air leakage, perfectly round pressure-formed tubing for smoother air flow and excellent scale, plus laser-fused pluzuma welded bells for continuous even vibration make these horns great sounding, supremely easy to play, and very durable. All Yamaha wind instruments come with a limited 5-year warranty.

Miraphone 1293 Series 5-Valve 5/4 Cc Tuba 1293-5Vcs Silver

Miraphone 1293 Series 5-Valve 5/4 Cc Tuba 1293-5Vcs Silver

The Miraphone 1293 Series 5-Valve 5/4 CC Tuba is the newest edition to the popular 1290 series from Miraphone. It features a big 19.685" bell and larger 5th valve than previous models. These changes make the tuba more responsive and extremely powerful in the low register. The 1293 comes with both a medium and medium large leadpipe for a customizable feel and sound.

Holton Merker Matic Series Double French Horn H289 Detachable Bell

Holton Merker Matic Series Double French Horn H289 Detachable Bell

The Holton Merker-Matic Series Double French Horns were developed in cooperation with Horn legend Ether Merker. The Holton Merker Series Horns feature a variety of bell designs for a variety of tonal sound and response plus heavyweight valve caps for added mass and resonance. Design features such as its newly designed 4th branch, dual bore, and mouthpipe tapers lead professionals to claim an ease of blowing in all registers as well as an exceptionally quick response and a smooth, precise legato. It is also available as a screw bell model.
Key of F / Bb, Pitch: A445. 468" bore (F Side); .460" bore (Bb Side) 12.25" large-throat bell Includes case and mouthpiece

Holton H379 Intermediate French Horn

Holton H379 Intermediate French Horn

It has playing characteristics similar to the H179 Farkas, but a darker sound with a good center and projection. Harder nickel silver material responds quickly and sounds brighter up close. Hand-fitted rotary valves are manufactured to precise tolerances to provide quick and effortless response.
Key:F/Bb Bore:.468-inch Bell:12.25-inch Bell Type:Fixed Bell Throat:Large Bell Material:Nickel Silver Leadpipe:Fixed Leadpipe Material:Nickel Silver Wrap:KruspeL inkage:String Features:Tapered Rotors and Bearings; Large Throat Bell; Nickel Silver Inner and Outer Slides Case:Yes Mouthpiece:Silver Farkas MC Finish:Nickel Silver

Conn 12D Descant Double French Horn Outfit

Conn 12D Descant Double French Horn Outfit

Key of Bb/high F, .468" bore, standard-throat yellow brass bell, A stopping valve, removable H section, tapered rotors and bearings, and clear lacquer finish. L.A. recording artist John Clark says, "With the Conn 12D, I can handle whatever I am required to play. I love the evenness through the registers, the excellent intonation and quick response."

Jupiter Jhr1110 Performance Series French Horn

Jupiter Jhr1110 Performance Series French Horn

The JHR1110D double horn with detachable bell possesses a tonal color and transparency that is well suited for any performance. The Geyer wrap reduces resistance and helps produce remarkable volume. With its many professional features, the JHR1110D will take a student through their collegiate education. Double F/Bb, Screw-On 11.9 Bell, lacquered brass body, rose brass leadpipe, 4 string-link tapered rotary valves, Geyer wrap, .472 bore, wood-frame case (KC-66). Lacquered Brass Body is produced using state of the art technology to ensure an instrument of the most accurate scale and playability. Rose brass leadpipe warms the sound of the instrument and provides enhanced instrument longevity.

Yamaha Ytr-2330 Standard Bb Trumpet Bb Trumpet

Yamaha Ytr-2330 Standard Bb Trumpet

The Yamaha YTR-2330 is the latest version of Yamaha's main student trumpet, an instrument that has assisted in the development of thousands of trumpeters all over the world. Two-piece bell of the YTR-2330 is crafted using state-of-the-art production methods, delivering a consistent, vibrant tone. The balanced weight and addition of an adjustable third valve trigger allows for a natural hand position and promotes proper playing technique, while the water key on the third valve slide adds to the ease of use and over-all playability of the instrument. The newly redesigned, durable yet light two-piece bell is made of yellow brass for optimal playability and to promote good technique and endurance. Highly durable monel alloy pistons as well as newly designed piston buttons and bottom caps help lengthen the life of the instrument while also maximizing sound quality. The 2nd and main tuning slides are produced using the same method as high-end Yamaha models, which provides stability, a more refined tonal color and added durability.

Bach Ap190 Stradivarius Artisan Series Bb/A Piccolo Trumpet Ap190s Silver

Bach AP190 Stradivarius Artisan Series Bb/A Piccolo Trumpet AP190s Silver

The AP190 Artisan features a .450-inch bore plus a 4-inch one-piece hand-hammered long bell with a flat rim and special acoustic treatment for a pure, responsive tone. The AP190 also features four leadpipes with trumpet and cornet shanks for Bb and A. Mouthpiece NOT included.Key: Bb/A Bore: .450-inch Leadpipe: Standard Leadpipe Material: Yellow Brass Bell: 4-inch One-Piece Hand-Hammered Long Bell with Flat Rim Bell Material: Yellow Brass Valves: 4 Monel Pistons 1st Valve Slide Adjustment: N/A 3rd Valve Slide Adjustment: Fixed Ring Features: One-Piece Hand-Hammered Bell with Flat Rim; Special Acoustic Bell Treatment; Enhanced Radius Ferrules; Two Sets of Valve Guides (Brass and Plastic); Set of Four Leadpipes with Trumpet and Cornet Shanks in Bb and A; Deluxe Bell Engraving Case: C190P Deluxe Case Mouthpiece: NO Finish: Lacquer, Silver

Yamaha Ysl-620 Professional Trombone

Yamaha YSL-620 Professional Trombone

The YSL-620 has a continuous taper bell section that improves intonation with even resistance in all registers.The chrome-plated, nickel silver, drawn inner slide is very durable and has a quick, sensitive response.The outer slide is one piece, drawn yellow brass and maintains an accurate diameter throughout its length. This type of construction ensures airtightness, smooth action, exceptional durability, and adds resonance to the sound. Long-lasting nickel-silver tubular braces contribute to the stability of the slide and enhance smooth slide action. Tuning slides are hand lapped to ensure an absolutely perfect fit and seal between the slide parts. The virtually seamless bell --fused by high-energy laser--allows continuous, even vibration. The unique slide lock design on all Yamaha trombones keeps the slide locked in place and prevents it from accidentally falling. Large, easy-to-hold, nickel-silver bracing guards against possible slide damage if the instrument is dropped and also lessens fatigue while playing. Mouthpipe features a special acoustic design that allows precise intonation and greater blowing control. Large rotor on "F" attachment makes transitions from the Bb to F smoother. The hand-lapped rotary valves provide airtight, light action for quick and smooth valve switching, while the string linkage permits flexible adjustment.All Yamaha wind instruments come with a limited 5-year warranty.Key: Bb / FBore: large .547"Bell Diameter: 8-1/2"Shank: mediumMouthpipe: gold brassBody Material: yellow brassBell Material: yellow brass; 2-pieceWeight: standardFinish: gold epoxy lacquerInner Slide: chrome-plated nickel silver; DrawnOuter Slide: brass; Drawn; One-pieceMouthpiece: L48Includes: F-attachment; contoured case, L48 mouthpiece

Getzen 3892 Custom Series Eb Cornet 3892 Lacquer

Getzen 3892 Custom Series Eb Cornet 3892 Lacquer

The 3892 Custom Eb features a .460-inch bore and a 4.75-inch seamless copper bell for the ultimate in response with a rich dark sound. This cornet includes two mouthpipes -- the A-pipe offers a brighter "American" cornet sound and the B-pipe offers a darker "British" Band sound. Key: Eb Bore: .460-inch. Leadpipe: Interchangeable Tuning Bit Tube Design. Leadpipe Material: Gold Brass. Bell: 4-3/4-inch Seamless. Bell Material: Copper. Valves: Nickel Silver Piston. 1st Valve Slide Adjustment: Thumb Saddle. 3rd Valve Slide Adjustment: Fixed Ring. Features: Copper Bell; Interchangeable Tuning Bit Design. Case: Yes. Mouthpiece: Yes. Finish: Lacquer, Silver.

Besson Be2051 Prestige Professional Euphonium Silver

Besson Be2051 Prestige Professional Euphonium Silver

The new Prestige line of Besson euphoniums have the same wonderful sound associated with the 900 series instruments but has been designed to meet the needs of todays euphonium professionals. Developed in conjunction with Steven Mead, these are fine instruments with the soloist in mind. Many new design features, combined with a strikingly beautiful appearance will ensure the Prestige euphonium its place in history as the world leader in euphonium design. Players will adore the sound, the control over all aspects of tuning (with the famous trigger feature as standard) and the playing comfort that the Prestige offers. From the company with a long tradition of excellence in brass instrument design comes this new Prestige euphonium which is the result of years of experience and listening to the best players in the world.

Miraphone M5000 Ambassador Series Compensating Euphonium M5000s Silver

Miraphone M5000 Ambassador Series Compensating Euphonium M5000s Silver

The Miraphone M5000 Ambassador Series Compensating Euphonium is an ergonomic model designed for smaller hands. Its 4th compensating valve is within comfortable reach making this a comfortable euphonium for those who have difficulty with compensating valves. This euphonium also possesses a .610 to .638 graduated bore and an 11.5 yellow brass upright bell. The M5000 also has a gold brass leadpipe for improved resonance. This instrument comes with a large shank mouthpiece and a case. The Miraphone M5000 Ambassador Series Compensating Euphonium comes in a lacquer or a silver finish.

Kanstul 975 Series Compensating Euphonium 975-2 Silver

Kanstul 975 Series Compensating Euphonium 975-2 Silver

The 975 Series features a .580-.610-inch dual bore plus a compensating valve system in a traditional 3 top and 1 side valve design.

King 2280 Series Euphonium 2280Sp Silver

King 2280 Series Euphonium 2280Sp Silver

The King 2280 soloist model EuphoniumThe King 2280 soloist model euphonium has established a new standard for tonal excellence and evenness of scale-the chief attributes of any serious euphonium. This model's duo-bore design (.580"/14.73mm in the first three valves and .600"/15.24mm in the fourth valve) and 11"/279mm seamless heavy yellow brass bell give it a uniquely lyrical sweetness in the upper register and a majestic resonance in the lower.

Antoine Courtois Paris Ac154-1-0 Professionel Bb Flugelhorn Silver

Antoine Courtois Paris AC154-1-0 Professionel Bb Flugelhorn Silver

The AC154 Professionel Series features a .413-inch bore with a direct air column design in the valveblock for less resistance and outstanding response. The AC154 Series also features a 6.6-inch bell for superior projection and tone. Key of Bb .413" bore 6.6" bell in yellow or Rose brass Monel valves; Vertical valve slides with 3rd valve slide trigger; Direct air column design through valveblock Includes case and mouthpiece

Willson 2900S Series Compensating Euphonium

Willson 2900S Series Compensating Euphonium

The Willson Bb Compensating Euphonium Outfit "Helping the World Feel The Music". This is not just a motto for the Willson Company, it's a way of life. The Willson euphoniums have long been regarded by many as the top professional instrument available to the seasoned player today. Quality and Craftsmanship. When you see and hold this horn it is quite evident that no mistakes have been made in its manufacturing. It is truly a work of art. The big, colorful sound will tell you that your eyes have not deceived you. A truly great instrument. Key: Bb. Bore: .591-.670-inch. Bell: 11.5-inch. Bell Material: Yellow Brass. Bell Position: Upright. Valves: Stainless Steel Piston. Number of Valves: 4. Valve Position: Traditional 3 Top + 1 Side. System: Compensating. Features: Compensating Valve System. Case: Yes. Mouthpiece: Yes. Mouthpiece Shank: Medium (European). Finish: Silver

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