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Hammond Sk1-88 88-Key Professional Digital Keyboard/Organ

Hammond Sk1-88 88-Key Professional Digital Keyboard/Organ

The dilemma in designing a keyboard with both faithful and accurate Hammond Organ and Grand Piano voices lies in the keyboard itself. It seems destined for compromise-should it be organ-like, or weighted? Hammond has the answer in the unique keyboard 88-note Fatar keyboard on the Sk1-88, which is light enough for an organist's comfort, yet has the "heft" to satisfy any piano player. The Sk1-88 also automatically adjusts the "depth" of key contact making all playing comfortable. The keys are also shaped to allow traditional Hammond "moves" like sweep and glissando. Now the pianist who always wanted to play Hammond can do so in comfort, and vice-versa for the organist.

Korg G1 Air Digital Piano Black

Korg G1 Air Digital Piano Black

The breathtakingly detailed sound and dynamic feel of the G1 provides the pianist with every possible shade of musical expression. Based on decades of ground breaking piano sound technology from KORG, makers of the award-winning KRONOS, and a precisely engineered keyboard that responds perfectly from gentle pianissimo to powerful fortissimo, KORG have created a unique digital piano. The technology of the G1 is so advanced you can even see it; the beautifully crafted slim-line cabinet of the G1 is a result of KORGs unique history of musical instrument design and audio technology. Finally, there is no compromise between superb sound and impeccable design. Creating an immersive sound experience from a digital piano as compact and stylish as the G1 is a truly remarkable achievement. When you see it, touch it, and hear it, the KORG G1 will change your perception of digital pianos forever. The G1 has the sound of three of the worlds finest concert grand pianos and many more miracles.

Yamaha Modx8 88-Key Synthesizer

Yamaha Modx8 88-Key Synthesizer

MODX gives you the confidence to take on any project, gig or musical exploration with amazing sound. Thanks to the combination of Yamahas two amazing synthesizer technologies: Advanced Wave Memory 2 (AWM2) and Expanded Frequency Modulation (FM-X). The result is a world of sound not possible with a single synth engine. Add to that a world of performance features and a lightweight design that can go just about anywhere with you, the MODX Series expands on the sophistication and inspiration that Yamaha keyboards are known for. MODX also features Yamahas proprietary Motion Control, which adds an unprecedented amount of movement to its AMW2 and FM-X combination sound engines. Combined Synth Engines MODX Keyboards feature the best of both worlds. Incorporating Yamahas Advanced Wave Memory 2 (AWM2) and Expanded Frequency Modulation (FM-X) sound engines, you get an exciting blend of sampled-based and FM synthesis technologies wrapped into one powerful instrument. AWM2 uses a combination of high-quality sound recordings with a powerful synthesizer engine to create stunning emulative acoustic instruments, synth sounds, drums and more. FM-X is a unique, expressive, highly programmable synthesis technology for dynamic music creation and sound design. At a basic level, FM-X works by using one sound to change (modulate) the pitch (frequency) of another. This method lends itself to creating harmonically rich and expressive sounds.

Alesis Q88 88-Key Usb/Midi Controller

Alesis Q88 88-Key Usb/Midi Controller

The Alesis Q88 is an 88-note MIDI keyboard that has the extended range of a full-size piano. Equipped with 88 semi-weighted, velocity-sensitive keys, the Q88 provides an excellent feel that conveys all the nuances of your playing. Pitch bend and modulation wheels ensure an expressive performance, plus you can transpose quickly to play in any key. At just 22lb, the compact and portable Q88 is equally at home on stage and in the studio.

Kurzweil Forte 88-Key Stage Piano

Kurzweil Forte 88-Key Stage Piano

The Kurzweil Forte is a full-size, 88-key stage piano with a host of features that will take your piano playing to the next level. 16 GB of new sounds including hand-selected German and vintage Japanese concert grand pianos, as well as new Rhodes, Wurlitzer, Clav, Harpsichord, Orchestral Percussion, Celeste, Glockenspiel, Chimes, Bells and Crotales along with a wide selection of sounds from the acclaimed PC3 and KORE 64 expansion, all delivered with unprecedented expressiveness and an obsessive attention to detail. Patented Flash Play Technology.

Casio CTK-6250 61 Keys Portable Keyboard

Casio CTK-6250 61 Keys Portable Keyboard

From live performances, to composing sessions and music classes, these feature-packed HIGH-GRADE KEYBOARD models do it all. High tone quality, a wide selection of tones and rhythms that suit musical genres from around the globe, and powerful features and functions make these keyboards able to meet just about any music need imaginable.

Waldorf Blofeld Keyboard Black

Waldorf Blofeld Keyboard Black

The Waldorf Blofeld Keyboard now has 60MB of sample memory in addition to its virtual-analog synthesis and the classic wavetables. The options of the updated Blofeld Keyboard empowers the player to add a vocal-like noise spectrum to a typical Wavetable pad, spice-up a virtual-analog solo sound with a strong attack sample or just process any other sample with the countless oscillator and filter modulations. Play sound creations on the high-quality keyboard with velocity and aftertouch. Pitchbend and modulation wheel are at your disposal and you can connect a sustain pedal. All this is packaged in a sleek metal enclosure with a big graphic display, endless stainless steel rotaries and an internal power supply. And it comes: From Waldorf with Love! Up to 25 Voices 1000+ Sounds Metal enclosure Seven stainless steel dials LED graphic display (128 x 64 pixels)

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