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Anubis Spire Music

Majestic 3-Octave Vibraphone Silver Silver

Majestic 3-Octave Vibraphone Silver

The vibraphone from Majestic spans 3 whole octaves and has 4 graduations. This vibraphone also features a wide pedal with twin pull rods, offset arch resonators, a memory gel damper pad, and crank-up height adjustors.

Yamaha Yamaha Yv-1605C 3 Octave Standard Vibraphone W/Cover

Yamaha Yamaha Yv-1605C 3 Octave Standard Vibraphone W/Cover

The YV1605 3 Octave Silver Intermediate Vibes are perfect for Junior High school or most any intermediate application. Non-graduated bars keep the instrument compact and height adjustment makes this a perfect instrument for any size player. Complete with drop cover

Majestic V1530 Quantum Field Vibraphone 3 Octave Silver

Majestic V1530 Quantum Field Vibraphone 3 Octave Silver

With the Majestic Quantum vibraphone, you don't have to sacrifice warmth for projection. The big, full-bodied tone produced by these instruments can fill stadiums without becoming bright or thin sounding. The wide pedal design with twin pull rods offers player comfort and reliability. Other features include aluminum bars with 4 graduations for consistent tone, offset arch resonators, pneumatic cylinder assisted height adjustment, and 8" pneumatic wheels.

Musser M44 / M7044 Combo 3 Octave Vibraphone With Concert Frame (M-44)

Musser M44 / M7044 Combo 3 Octave Vibraphone With Concert Frame (M-44)

Combo vibraphone, 3 octave, silver finish, non-graduated. The Combo vibe offers professional sound and performance, but at a student-sized price. Features include three octaves of carefully tuned, satin silver finished bars, tension-adjustable damper bar. Available with concert frame as M44 or with moto-frame as M7044.

Musser Lionel Hampton Signature Vibraphone

Musser Lionel Hampton Signature Vibraphone

The Musser Lionel Hampton Vibraphone from the Signature Series features antique gold-finished aluminum bars. The vibraphone also features mitered and arched aluminum resonators, a natural wood frame, antique gold-finished resonators and trim, a dust cover, and a set of 4 mallets.Musser Lionel Hampton Signature Series Vibraphone3 Oct. Graduated Antique Gold Finished Aluminum BarsTuned to A=442Mitered & Arched Aluminum resonatorsNatural wood frameAntique gold finished resonators and trim. Accessories: Set of 4 mallets, dust cover

Yamaha Yamaha Yv-2700C Intermediate Vibraphone W/Cover

Yamaha Yamaha Yv-2700C Intermediate Vibraphone W/Cover

For a mellow, focused sound, the YV-2700 Studio vibraphone uses matte finish aluminum alloy bars. Features graduated silver bars. Comes complete with drop cover.

Majestic 3-Octave Vibraphone Gold Gold

Majestic 3-Octave Vibraphone Gold Gold

This gold-finished vibraphone from Majestic spans 3 whole octaves and has 4 graduations. This vibraphone also features a wide pedal with twin pull rods, offset arch resonators, a memory gel damper pad, and crank-up height adjustors.

Majestic 3-Octave Deluxe Vibraphone

Majestic 3-Octave Deluxe Vibraphone

The Majestic V6530S aluminum alloy bars feature 2 graduations from 1-3/4" to 1-1/2" widths. Silver anodized bars and matching silver aluminum resonators complement the grace and style of the elegant crank-up height adjustable Majestic concert frame with 4" wheels which are double-locking on the player side. Includes Majestic drop cover and Innovative Percussion MalletsCogged belt with steel reinforcementMemory gel damper padWide pedal with twin pull rods

Malletech Omega Vibraphone

Malletech Omega Vibraphone

Every feature of the Omega Vibe was developed with the input of pros who spend their lives not only playing, but carrying, setting up and breaking down vibes. Designed with the serious musician in mind, the Omega Vibe offers a modern approach to the instrument with features like a revolutionary "wing" design for more natural vibrato, adjustable vibrato for increased speed and depth and tunable resonators. A lightweight all-metal frame reduces unwanted rattle and contact noise, while a specially formulated gel damper bar aids dampening and improves tone quality. Engineered to be extremely portable without sacrificing durability, the Omega is a solid choice for professionals and students alike.

Malletech 3.0 Love Vibe Vibraphone

Malletech 3.0 Love Vibe Vibraphone

The first and most obvious question to ask is, "Why did Malletech call this instrument the Love Vibe?" This design was very much a labor of love on the part of its creator (see his statement at the end of this listing), but moreover, the Love Vibe offers unprecedented control over the instrument, along with less pedal noise and greater dynamic range than conventional vibraphones. The Love Vibe is played as just like a "normal" vibraphone (using the first half of the pedal range), but when you push the pedal a bit further, you can control the speed of the vibrato in real time. You can add vibrato (much like a pop singer), link vibrato speed to the underlying tempo, improvise "vibrato rhythms" at will, and control the depth & strength of the effect in real time.It features fully open to fully closed resonators, no air leakage around pulsar disks (for softest ppp), no blockage of bar vibrations by fans (for maximum fff), no tube cut outs (full frequency spectrum and power of resonance), and crescendo and diminuendo at will. The Love Vibe is easy for one person to set up quickly and it has no motor, which results in silent vibrato control. Every parameter is user adjustable, and these instruments feature the most beautiful "electric guitar" choice of finishes ever seen on a vibraphone. The resonators are fully tunable. This is the first vibraphone with Malletech's Patented fully tunable resonators for maximum warmth, volume and control of sustain. You won't understand how you ever lived without them. Designer Statement "I began the design process for this vibraphone more than 15 years ago. It seemed obvious to me that the noisy, unexpressive, motorized vibrato used on all vibraphones was musically uninspiring". Many vibraphone players even chose to create their music without use of the "vibra" part of the vibraphone, because even the best instruments frequently had motors and pulsar fan assemblies that were too noisy to Pedal control of vibrato speed. Broad dynamic range. Crescendo and diminuendo at will. Easy to set up. Silent operation. Beautiful finishes available. 37 Stationary resonators

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