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Anubis Spire Music

Yamaha Yx-500F 3-1/2 Octave Professional Acoustalon Xylophone W/ Cover

Yamaha YX-500F 3-1/2 Octave Professional Acoustalon Xylophone

This Yamaha YX-500F 3-1/2 Octave Professional Acoustalon Xylophone offers schools, ensembles, and professionals a great option for any performance situation. It comes with durable Acoustalon bars and a sturdy concert frame that is height-adjustable via gas shocks, making it easy for you to make adjustments quickly and easily. Featuring two-position resonator slots and graduated bars, you will experience amazingly consistent tone across all octaves of this fine piece of craftsmanship. Its uniform bar size gives you the ability to swap out a second set of bars for practice or a specific performance setting. Includes cover. Weight: 156lb. YX500FC: 84 lbs Dimensions: 54-3/8" x 29-1/2" x 31-1/2" 37-3/8" Bar Material YX500 FC: Acoustalon Bar Graduation: Non-graduated 1-5/8" Range: F45-C88 Gas-shock height adjustment Includes cover

Musser M-50 Xylophone

Musser M-50 Xylophone

A truly professional 3-1/2 octave instrument featuring the beauty and inimitable tone of genuine rosewood bars. Resonators are drawn seamless aluminum, finished in satin silver lacquer. Sturdy wood frame is hand-rubbed to a lustrous finish. The detachable resonators and folding metal legs make this instrument extremely easy to transport. Includes mallets and shallow drop cover. 3-1/2 octaves Rosewood bars Detachable resonators Sturdy wood frame Folding metal legs Large 4" casters

Adams Xskv35 / Xskf35 Soloist Series Zelon Xylophone With Endurance Frame (Xskf35)

Adams XSKV35 / XSKF35 Soloist Series Zelon Xylophone With Endurance Frame (XSKF35)

f you are looking for a xylophone that looks and sounds like it should cost a fortune but really doesn't, the Soloist Synthetic series xylophone is what you are looking for. It features bars constructed of an extremely durable and warm sounding synthetic material. This is a great option for budget conscience schools looking for an instrument for both concert and marching band use. The 3.5 octave Bars are uniform in width but offer the same precise tuning and voicing as the other soloist Series Xylophones. Because they are tuned through the sixth overtone, this instrument offers complete control over all aspects of the sound. Precise tuning and voicing provides for balanced sound through the entire range of the instrument. For ease in storage and transport, the resonators and rails fold in half. The Patented Voyager frame system allows effortless adjustment to a wide range of playing heights Mallets are included so that everything you need to get started and protect you investment is at your fingertips.

Yamaha 3-1/2 Octave Professional Acoustalon Xylophone

Yamaha 3-1/2 Octave Professional Acoustalon Xylophone

The YX-500F Concert Xylophone has Acoustalon bars and a 3-1/2 octave (F45-C88) range. It comes with two-position resonator slots and features new bar sizes for consistent tone quality throughout the range of the instrument. A gas shock height adjustment frame allows easy, effortless adjustment by the player. Includes a cover and a foldable frame for transport and easy set up. Acoustalon bars are produced from fiberglass reinforced plastic in a one-step manufacturing process to provide exceptional durability and a pure tone similar to rosewood. The scientifically designed Sonic Tone Holes produced in this process give Acoustalon bars a pure tone similar to rosewood. Yamaha 500 Series Xylophones promote larger sound and brighter projection. They are designed to meet the needs of percussionists of all levels. 3 octave (F45-C88) range Acoustalon bar material has remarkable durability and uncanny wood-like tone Height Adjustment promotes proper playing technique and comfort. Oversized, 4" casters allow for easy transport. Two casters lock for stability during play. Black vinyl cover with laminated nylon no-scratch tricot lining

Malletech Widebar Soloist Xylophone Height Adjustable

Malletech Widebar Soloist Xylophone Height Adjustable

The Malletech XBA 4.0 Bob Becker Soloist Xylophone is an updated version of the "Artist Special". The XBA 4.0 has been designed with the professional in mind and features extra wide, round end rosewood bars and tunable brass resonators. Players will appreciate that the solid oak honey finsh frame's easy setup and break down. The adjustable height frame will make the instrument comfortable to play in any number situations. Easy to set up and break down, Light weight, Thrilling, clear sound, Different tunings, Beautiful to look at

Malletech Hgt. Adjustable Concert Xylophone

Malletech Hgt. Adjustable Concert Xylophone

The Malletech XA4.0 4 Octave Xylophone is based on the Leedy model G.H. Green played, but with modern tolerances and quality control, making it the perfect harmony between modern and vintage. The XA 4.0 features a solid honey finish oak and brass frame. The dent resistant rosewood bars are available in octave tuning or the quint tuning used by the classic xylophones of the 20's and 30's. Graduated bars from 2" wide at the low end to 1 5/8" high end. Height adjustment from 34 5/8" (top of the naturals) to 42 5/8". Patented tunable resonator plugs, Solid brass fittings and braces, Exclusive "uni-brackets", virtually eliminate frame noise Super-node drilling for bar cord, 100% cotton bar cord, equipped with quick-adjust tension clutch

Majestic 4-Octave Rosewood Bar Xylophone

Majestic 4-Octave Rosewood Bar Xylophone

The classic American quint-tuning style is applied to an extended range on all Majestic xylophones for a more balanced and blended sounding keyboard. The X8540H pairs a beautiful natural wood upper frame with the elegant standard Majestic leg assembly which boasts a wide range of crank-up height adjustment and 4" wheels which are double-locking on the player side. Select Honduran rosewood bars, Extended range, Graduated bars, Natural wood upper frame, Crank-up height adjustment, Extended range quint-tuning

Stagg 3 Octave Xylophone

Stagg 3 Octave Xylophone

Stagg's 3 Octave Xylophone features Padauk wood bars which provide you with a warmer tone then those of the more traditional steel bars in a student bell kit. To complete this xylophone kit, you get a set of mallets, an X-style folding stand. and a padded black nylon gig bag. 37 notes, 3 Octave C-CX-style stand, Includes a gig bag and mallets. Dimensions: 39.8" x 20.7"

Yamaha Mxl-32X Marching Xylophone With Case

Yamaha Mxl-32X Marching Xylophone With Case

The Yamaha MXL-32X is a rugged, good-sounding and attractive marching xylophone with Acoustalon-Lite Bars, which ensure true pitch and full sound. Acoustalon-Lite bars are manufactured from Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic in a one-step process to provide exceptional durability and a pure tone and are thinner than Acoustalon bar for lighter weight. The Sonic Tone Hole bar design simulates the porosity of wood to produce a tone and resonance similar to rosewood, while its compact, lightweight resonator design aids portability. It is perfect for marching use. The metal-reinforced frame provides extra toughness for outdoor use. Lightweight, Weather resistant, Good tone, Comes with case

Titan Field Frames Xylophone Field Frame

Titan Field Frames Xylophone Field Frame

Keyboard field frame from Titan, built to accommodate a full-size xylophone perfectly. Heavy gauge mild steel box section, Locking wheels, Axillary rails around three sides of the keyboard frames (protects instrument in transit and provides more clamping opportunity), Super strong design, 3 year warranty, Available fully welded or bolt together for flat shipping purposes. Made in the USA

Innovative Percussion Ip901 Soft Xylophone Mallets

Innovative Percussion IP901 Soft Xylophone Mallets

The Innovative Percussion IP901 Soft Xylophone Mallets from The James Ross Concert Series have been designed for Chicago Symphony Orchestra percussionist James Ross and to meet the demands of today's orchestral percussionist. These mallets have a durable rattan handle and a soft ball end. They are suggested for use on glockenspiel selections such as Debussy's "La Mer" and Grofe's "Grand Canyon Suite". Suggested selections for xylophone include Debussy's "Iberia" and "Jeux".

Studio 49 S4 Medium-Hard Felt Head Soprano/Alto Xylophone Mallets

Studio 49 S4 Medium-Hard Felt Head Soprano/Alto Xylophone Mallets

Medium-hard felt head mallet for soprano and alto xylophones.

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